170621 – Summer Solstice – 172

Well here we are, the first half of the year is gone. It is midsummer in a day, and I am on the nightshift.
This spring has been hard on me in some ways, and good on me in others. The bad part, mainly, has been the lack of sleep due to the reparations being done to other apartments in my house. It has been impossible to feel sane with the lack of sleep I have had. When I have been home, I’ve been getting about half as much sleep as I need.

Lack of sleep doesn’t just affect my mental health and my mood, but also my legs. I need to sleep for about 7 hours straight to feel good in body and spirit, and I have had desperately few days of that this spring. It started in March, and it is continuing. I’ve contacted the organization for tenants, and the case is pending.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t work nights so much, but I do, and I feel I have rights to live too. I pay enough rent to. LOL.

The only times I’ve gotten good sleep is when I’ve been away, with honey. In other cities, away from here, and that has been during weekends and time off. Fuck, Eurovision in Kiev was less noisy than it is in my fucking apartment lol.

I have gone away from politics. And I am much better for it. I still see some of it in my social media, but I stop following as they come up. And I feel so much better. I am focusing on love, light, magick, faith, history, mysteries, things that make me happy, things that make me smart. Politics is a corrupt horrible system, propped up by corrupt horrible people, where noone ever means what they say, and liars are praised and awarded power. How can anything good ever come out of something like that.

Leaving that illusion behind now, and moving forward again. Sweetheart will be celebrating midsummers here, and two other friends will fly in too, it will be a magickal four days.  There will be a lot of walks. Which is good I suppose 🙂
I should write more frequently again from today, I am looking forward to the rest of this year. 🙂




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