170601 – 152 – Lilies


It’s pretty nice to come home from an afternoon shift, in the cold and rainy grey town, open the door to your apartment, and be knocked out by the scent of lilies that have unfolded throughout every room. It makes you calm and happy and warm instantly.

This is the first of June. Three months of summer lies ahead. It’s finally warm enough to not wear socks, and I am quite happily wearing sandals from now on. I fucking hate imprisoning my feet. Also, dresses. Skirts. Fun tops. Yey.

Made a delicious carbonara last night when I got home, and I actually long to get home to it. I didn’t bring any food to work (cause I’m a moron) cause I thought it’s just nine hours, and I thought they might serve up something edible in the restaurant if I got hungry. Not today. πŸ˜›

About to write a letter to my mother since I missed Mothers day last sunday. I did call her though, but she likes to get postcards and letters, so I will get her one.

I have quit World of Warcraft. For my own sanity’s sake. I still love the game, I love the lore, I love everything about it, and it has been a lifesaver for ten years for me, but lately, it’s taking time from things I need more, like magick, developing myself, spirituality and excersise, so I had to give it up. It was always gnawing in the back of my head, you know, “I really need to do this, I should do that” etc, I mean, all the daily quests, the crafting, it’s all brilliant if you are unemployed or need an activity because you have too much time on your hands, but it is not good for me, not at this time in my life.

I have picked up the Elder Scrolls again. No pressure in that game. I both kicked up Oblivion from the past and Elder Scrolls Online, and I play for an hour or two when I have done everything else and have a few hours to kick back. It feels healthier. I play solo, I am in no guilds, and I just explore and take it very slowly. I HAD to reinstall Oblivion after seeing what they had done to Cyrodiil in ESO, it was so fucking tragic. I needed my pristine Imperial City. πŸ™‚

Not much have happened the past time, while I have not been writing. Life has pretty much been shit. My legs look mutated as usual, I’ve been caught lying at work because I couldn’t get out of bed because of a depression hit, and we have a new boss again. I do enjoy my colleagues at work though, it’s usually a nice place to be.

On the homefront, I try to focus on the positive, which there is a lot of if you only see it. I have dismissed all the politics by this time, gradually tuned it out from all my channels of information, I might listen to something for two hours a week if something special happens. It only wore me down anyway, so I don’t have a place for it. I am much less depressed, I sleep better, and I have more energy and a more positive outlook as a consequence, so I needed to do that.

Looking at trips to book this fall for creativity, there are so many nice places to go. This summer will be a case of travelling during weekends due to festival schedules.

And it’s friday tomorrow. πŸ™‚



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