170421 – YEY it’s TERRORIST FRIDAY again

Paris this time. The only thing I will say is that the assholes who calls for us to love and hug the terrorists and open the borders are just as fucking guilty, and we will remember you.

I will however not let my weekend be destroyed, because this happens all the time in Europe now, and to remain strong and wise and be one of the few who sees the fuck through this evil islamist agenda, I need my strength.

Currently watching horrid white trash degenerates on youtube who use their kids and abuse them for views. Link below. They are getting theirs.

I started this week walking 250 steps an hour. I’m up to 900 steps an hour now. And it’s going great. I am clean, took a shower and washed my hair and oiled myself up in argan oil (moroccan, magick stuff), so I feel and smell fresh, clean and pretty fucking wonderful. Workcrush was here, which is always great. Night is going smoother than the previous ones this week. Then after work, to the airport and straight off to babe. I can not fucking wait, I miss him so much I am about to fucking die.

There will be magick, and a possibility to talk politics with a person with a very high IQ, which I am so very thirsty for. I am so sick of the lazy fucking uninformed plebs that just buy into msm and all the emotional false crap they sell. Hug the terrorists. Open the borders. Let your parents die poor while they live like kings, welcome to the swedish welfarestate where the working citizens get to keep 30% of their pay and live in shambles while the people who blow us up gets everything and more.

Fuck this world.

Shadilay brothers and sisters.

Degenerate fucks:


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