170420-Candyshock, Drilling

Yep, the drilling continued today. I woke up after four hours of sleep by a drill drilling into my skullbone (well technically my wall, but you get the picture). I got really REALLY fucking pissed off, so I went and called the landlord. He would “look into it and come back to me”. Well he didn’t come back to me, but shortly after the drilling stopped, so, I guess small favours. Of course I couldn’t go back to sleep, my sleep was disrupted. So now, middle of the night at work, getting fucking tired.

Thanks world. I hate people.

My workcrush was here this evening though and he was gorgeous and funny as always, and that was nice. We smoked twice and he left me in a good mood.

Continuing to walk every hour, 500 steps. Also planning ahead a bit. Looking forward to the weekend with love, wine and mysticism. And no drilling. Or well, the good kind of drilling hopefully. Mwahaa.

There’s tonnes of candy at work again, and I forgot my lunch. How not very good for me. Trying to keep it reasonable though, at least it’s not my fave stuff lol.




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