170419 – Cake for dinner

Soooo, today actually some creativity happened. Accompanied by a lovely podcast about the secret of Light, courtesy Michael Tsarion, I created covers for all my notebooks. Well, I have one to go to make. I look forward to it cause it was fun. Your basic collage, images of mystical sites, angels, magick, kabbalah, starsigns, etc. It turned out beautifully, and I am very happy and proud. 😛

I also played some WoW.  And had some honey-time. And took a bath. Feeling pretty good and harmonious. No drilling and seven hours of sleep probably helped.

Goal is to keep above 6k steps a day this week. I have done it, over that, but there has ALWAYS been one day where I have dropped below. This week that will not happen, which is why I set it low, to 6k, and instead making sure I hit that EVERY day. Next week 7k, the week after that 8k etc.

My schedule is pretty good, I am keeping track of what new thing to add every week, making sure I don’t lose anything on the way, if I do, I backtrack a week before I try to move on with the next step etc. It’s really working for me.

Yesterday I walked 250 steps every hour at work, today it will be 500. It’s so easy to do, so there’s no reason not doing it.

Dreamy workguy was here when I came, that made me happy. He always makes me happy. He stimulates my IQ and makes me smile. Perfect guy. Love him. Too much.

It was the last day for bossbabe today. That’s why there is cake. I had a piece for “dinner” (at midnight…)

I forgot the notes I was gonna transcribe again, but I brought the new notebooks. Facepalm. Oh well, I’ll find something else to do. 🙂



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