170412 – Day 102 – Daily Kabbalah

Got the last book of this month today, Daily Kabbalah arrived, and it is beautiful. Spent the day at work calculating the rest of the orders basic gematria, getting basic astro charts for the both of us and calculating tarot birth cards. This day too has flown by. 🙂

Next week I will start with my evening ritual aswell. I have been waiting to implement the morning thing fully and getting that into full swing before I started the next step, but now after easter it is time. Also walking more, currently the goal is just to beat the previous days steps, even if it’s just with a meter or two lol, next week I will set more tangiable goals. Right now experimenting with getting off the bus earlier and walking more due to that etc.

Going to check out this new tarot deck I got, Gateway to the Divine now. When I get home I will share the knowledge with babe and try to finish up the covers on those books. I still feel weirdly energized, it could be the full moon I guess.

I even got us three magnificent titles each. Mwahahaha. Just having fun.



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