170401 – Keep on dancing, all you fools

Taking inventory of March. I did pretty well. Definately better than February. I’ve been implementing more things I want to make routine, and it has made me feel much better. I’ve been writing more, and the month concluded in euphoria when I finally re-established my old magickal mystickal spiritual cult-sect-religion. So yeah, pretty happy with myself, and where I am and where I’m heading.

Haven’t been writing much the past week, mostly due to having an apprentice at work. That means I haven’t had access to my computer cause I’ve been teaching him on it, so I haven’t really had time to do what I usually do. In addition to this, when I’ve been at home they have been renovating the neighbours apartment, and I have basically not even been able to take a fucking bath without screaming. My stress rash is wreaking havoc in my face because of this, and I haven’t been able to have one calm fucking moment. Hopefully this coming week will be better. My creativity is not in peak form when someone is drilling into my brain with sick powertools.

My only contribution to April Fools was a post on my fb saying “Sweden has never been more safe!”
Most won’t even get it. Some will though. The smart ones.

Spending weekend with honey. Have it lovely. Talk soon.



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