170327 – Not just another Monday. 

I just created my new Order. After contemplating names for over two months, I finally concluded that I already had it.

In 1992 I created an Order with my then best friend. She since betrayed me in the most horrid way, but when we parted I said “I’m claiming the name and the works of the order”. She said “take it, I don’t give a fuck.”

Well, it’s been dormant, for almost twenty years now, but I am picking it up again. I spent the morning trying to find a good name, and it just came to me, I already HAVE a good name. It is originally inspired from one of Gilbert Williams’ paintings of Lemuria, and it no longer has the stains of the inauthentic person that was once associated with it. I feel content with this name.

I did some Gematria calculations and some research, and yeah, this is the right day and the right name, for sure. Finally. That was the last puzzle piece I needed. At the moment I’m cursing the fact that I have to work today, I want to keep pouring over these books and all this inspiration is just flowing through me.

It’s not that it’s a cult. Cause it’s not. I mainly say that for the hilarity. It’s just a name to collect everything else under. Like a project name or something. You know. It feels better to have a collective name for all my spiritual and magickal research. And now I do. I’ve been creating logos and seals and if I have time I will collate some astrological data too. I’m really happy about this.

I will also get my steps in today.

The morons are still drilling holes in the neighbours apartment.

I have signed up for a premium membership at Unslaved.com.

Over and out.


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