170324 – Nightly Musings

So, after the latest terror attack, I’m getting my shit together again, avoiding the news.

I wrote that reply to my boss, about how disappointed I was that she’s leaving but I hope she’ll be happier in the next place. It was all too good to be true anyway, a caring constructive boss, who has ever heard of such a thing.

I got my paycheck and already ordered some ridiculously expensive stuff lol.

I quit in three hours. Weekend is finally here. I will go home and snuggle with sweetheart. Friday will be all about cleansing. Apartment, body, soul, shift sleepschedule, drink stupid amounts of wine, have fun and do dishes (yes, it’s possible in the right company)

Saturday, when everything is clean and lovely, I will create. We’ll go out in the evening and have some lovely food and drink.

Sunday will be about the soul, and stocking up.

During the weekend I will also buy shoes, finally. Which is a good. 😀

Coworker badass awesomedude came by an hour ago and smoked with me. He was gonna leave some stuff for someone tomorrow, something he bought for another guy at work. I wish he wasn’t everything he is. He scrambles my brain everytime I see/talk to/work with/smoke with/snipe at him. TF. Serious TF. Very annoying. Two years now. Two fucking years.



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