170323 – So many thoughts

Dreams of weird trips with people I have cut out of my life for one reason or another, and then sweetie saving me somehow, just showing up and sweeping me away lol

Terrorist attack in London, by a muslim, again, and I couldn’t avoid this one cause it was everywhere, so pretty pissed off about that

Trying to sleep through the day (since on nightshift) while the neighbours are trying to drill holes in every wall…

Through all this being pretty content and feeling calmer than usual…

Got a mail from my boss, the best boss I’ve ever had, saying she’s quitting and that I’m worthy and that she likes me a lot. This upset me so much I haven’t been able to reply. Cause emotions. It hurts that she’s leaving, it feels like she’s the only one who understands me here somehow. That’ll teach me to trust people again.

I have to stop getting attached to people. I almost cried when I read it.

At work, been working on workout schedules, listing good foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc. I will go into this more later. Also printed some small checklists for the days. It’s still rolling this health hurricane, just had to get the psychological and anxiety things away from me, which is why I have focused on those, thanx to honey. Still going though.

So, shift coming to an end. Have a good day all. Sorry about the randomness of this, sometimes I am not very focused.



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