170322 – Dodging negativity like a pro

Today has been good. I’m quite awake and happy and alert and it’s the middle of a nightshift. I’ve been talking a lot to my sweetheart today, and it has been really great. I’ve also written a letter to mom since it’s her birthday on thursday. And I made a lovely bolognese that I will eat when I get home in four hours. 😀 Can’t wait to get home.

I have a few things I need to do today, we will decide on a name for our project, and some rites and rules and rituals and also fix that altar I talked about yesterday.

The media I have consumed is a few documentaries on cults, a couple of CERN talks by Anthony Patch, and a lot from the Unslaved Podcast. I love that stuff, it really gives me clarity and strength somehow. It’s the right angle for me.

Politics….no. I’m an INFJ and I respond far to emotionally. On top of that I’m an empath, so the past few days I realize I have probably been living in constant anxiety and fight-or-flight mode for a couple of years now. God knows how many years that has taken off of my life. But fuck it, better realize it late than never. There are just certain things that are not good for me. I might be strong enough to handle them, no doubt, but it takes a toll on me and it’s just unnecessary agony.


So just chilling basically, about an hour to go now. Listening to nice people saying interesting things. Looking forward to the weekend, and to get home and create things. And to a lovely phonecall. I’ll probably fall asleep again. 😀






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