170318 – Busy doing nothing

Hey! I’m sincerely drunk. I’ve had oysters and wine in the sun in the green grass, and I’ve had fucking awesome fucking suberbly refined sex, and it has been just an awesome beautiful day. When we got home, I promptly got my fucking period as punishment, but hey, here’s to wonderful sexually charged boyfriends who don’t give a flying fuck. LOL.

At the moment, playing wow casually, just flying over the barrens on a lvl 102 and gathering low level achieves, while cooking, while kissing, while drinking even more wine. Life is good sometimes. I need to remember things like this when the gangrapes in Sweden are at an all time high and when I am too tired and sad to even create.

We’re thinking of making a cult. We’re arguing about names for it. It will be gorgeous. We will take over the world. LOL.

I have some more serious content planned for next week.

Anywho, hope everyone’s having a beautiful beautiful weekend.



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