170316 – Walks, Wine, Spring

Just sent an application to get week 19 off. We have business in Ukraine that week. We must tend to business. LOL. It will be good.

Also a chance to catch up with myself, look at how much I will have accomplished by then, and see what is left to focus on. And just continue grinding. I’m fucking getting there. Slowly. It’s all good.

Today I’ve been taking walks, cause it’s spring. Now I realize that since I wrote that just now, there will be a huge blizzard and I will have to stomp home through snow since the buses will be cancelled due to extreme weather, but whatever, right now it’s fucking spring. In the air, on the ground, even sun ffs. I need new sunglasses bad.

Bought some lovely fine french wine. And went to the store to pick up some stuff for next week, so I won’t have to leave the house this weekend. Which feels fucking awesome. Sweetheart is at home atm, so I kinda not wanna be at work right now. I have better things to do 😛

When I get home I will chill tonight, have a good nights sleep, so I am well rested tomorrow, cause when I get off tomorrow afternoon it will be a splendid weekend all around and I can’t wait. ❤




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