170313 – Wish lists of things to buy

Round RayBans with mirror lenses. Would be fucking awesome. Will get. Need new sunglasses.

Postcards to send to mom. Will remember to buy when I go next time. And the time after that. Etc.

ALL of the books I have put in my wishlist at Adlibris. It’s so much. Mainly on Kabbalah, Gematria, Mary Magdalene, healthy cooking, mysteries of the universe etc. I will try to buy like two books every month or so, and maybe I’m done by new year. I want them so much. 😛

A cigarette case. I just found this one. It’s so pretty. I smoke so little these days that I don’t need to stare at the gross fucking disease pictures they have put on all the packs of smokes now. I smoke like 1 cig a day on average, down from 20, so I think I deserve a pretty case for my one a day. 😛


SHOES. Black walking shoes. I know which ones. Will get them in less than two weeks.

Some makeup products for fun. New brushes, some different colored pencils for eyes etc. Nothing important, just fun.

Can’t wait til next salary to be honest.



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