170313 – Happy Joy music list for mp3

Just a rundown for the music I will put on my mp3-player. I will do away with all the awesome rockmusic that I adore, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Three days grace, etc, because the lyrics are too heavy for me to process and still remain happy and upbeat. The mp3 is after all what I bring when going to work, going on walks, to the gym etc, I need happy music that helps build me then, not philosophical deep lyrics that makes me question my existance. That music is for writing, for wine, for deep thoughts.

So, my list. Will just list the artists, some I can take everything from, some I will pick and choose from. Here we go.

  1. Bebe Rexha. Cause she makes me happy and full of energy.
  2. Ellie Goulding. Cause she lets a veil of upbeat romance fall over everything.
  3. Selena Gomez (select songs) cause she’s pretty ok.
  4. Zedd (the songs with lyrics) cause he’s my fave DJ.
  5. Taylor Swift (select songs) Shaky ground, but what is good is GOOD.
  6. 30 seconds to Mars (select songs) Lots about fighting and getting ready and marching towards a new future, lots about weird energetic things, they make me feel good.
  7. Amir Haddad. Duh.
  8. Tove Lo – My favorite chanteuse at the moment. All her stuff is brilliant.
  9. Era – and Enigma – Select songs, because euphoric spiritual enlightenment.
  10. Various Eurovision songs. Good quality, makes you happy-songs. Will probably be a couple from each year the past seventeen or so years.
  11. Indila – a couple of songs. Cause Dernière danse is so epic.
  12. Coldplay – Various songs. Pretty safe band, most of their stuff makes me cheerful.
  13. Madonna – several songs. Her stuff from the past five years is fucking marvellous, and noone even knows it exists. Lyrics are awesome and she’s really on point.
  14. Britney Spears. Yeah, I know. However lately she has gone from passé, sad, horrific, plastic doll victim to a somewhat funny mascot for our crazy culture for me, so I’ll pick a few songs from her. I wanna go and Til the world ends are really nice.
  15. Major Lazer & DJ Snake’s single with MØ – Lean on. Ep
  16. Hailee Steinfeld – I like a couple of her songs and will check out a few more. Like Selena Gomez basically.
  17. Mylene Farmer, because there is no way to get enough of Desenchantee.
  18. Lorde – Cause, Lorde. She’s a queen. Disclosure is  the soundtrack of my life.
  19. Katy Perry – really lovely, some of her songs speak to me a lot, some are crap.
  20. Foxes – young sweet innocent woman who is really lovely to listen to.
  21. Might put some Live or Ed Kowalczyk in there, cause he rocks and they have made some really good songs.
  22. More to come…I think…

To finish it off, one of the songs that didn’t make it. One of the most beautiful songs ever written according to me, but I cry every time I hear it, so it’s for evenings with wine and poetry.


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