170308 – S2J3 -Storm of Zeus

Zeus is /has been wreaking havoc in France, 600000 households with no power. Welcome home from LA honey, snowstorm abound. *evil grin*

Currently just too numbskulled to be intrigued by anything than the Pepe/Kek memes and magic theories. I love that shit. Have any of you checked out the translated lyrics to Shadilay, the national anthem of Kekistan? Seriously dude, just omg. Am I speaking to people who even have the faintest idea what I’m talking about? Currently listening to Aurinis angsty talk on this, he’s worried an elder God has been awokened. He’s not kidding either. This whole subject fascinates me.

I went through all this during the pre-election chaos (in the states), but it deserves a rerun. It’s just…so full of…weird. And fun. And just chaos. And weird synchronicities. Will keep watching frogs today. Cause it’s fun.

Shadilay brothers and sisters. Will probably write more after work.



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