170307 – S2J2 – Cappuccino keeps me alive.

So, yesterday I got an hour of ballet in before I promptly collapsed and slept for ten hours. Then it was kind of off to work again. Not surprisingly this time though, since I only slept for about three hours the night before. I swear, these morning shifts will be the death of me. It’s not natural to get up at fucking four in the morning. And all this time I could have been enjoying santa monica beach, but Nope, I’m a responsible human being, I need to take care of my job, etc etc, fuck that… 😦

A new gym seems to have opened up just by the trainstation in town, I will have to check that out, because it would be awesome for walking when I can’t get the steps in out in nature due to LIVING IN THE FUCKING ARCTIC. Will pay them a visit. It’s the gym chain I’m already a member of, but I don’t know if I can go to all their gyms or have to change something somehow.

After work, which I am at now, cause I’m such a GOOD FUCKING GIRL, I hear it’s warm in Santa Monica, warm and fun, and fuck you all that made me rot away here, sorry, um…

After work, which I am at now, I’ll pop by the store, go home, make dinner, eat dinner, do some ballet, and maybe play some wow before bed. My legs will love me if I keep up the ballet thing, it’s so very awesome and strengthening and good for bloodflow and control and focus and everything, so I will keep doing this, every fucking day.

ALSO, take a warm bath. I need a warm snuggly fucking bath. I feel pretty irate today.




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