170306 – Semaine 2 Jour 1

At work, watching a stupid documentary of Antarctica featuring David Wilcock. Curious fellow that one. I used to like him quite a lot, but it’s…nah, he’s been a bit compromised in my mind. I still like to listen to him, but mainly the old stuff. Now it’s just too weird. However, I love David Icke, despite the fact that I don’t buy everything he says. There is severe need to pick and choose, use your own brain, discard what doesn’t resonate.

My fave pastor/religious podcaster/whatever he is Rob Skiba just got lost to the flat earth theory which saddens me, because I have a very tough time taking anything a flat earther says seriously.

Now he’s talking 9/11. LOL.

Breakfast: Yoghurt, Muesli, raisins, fresh mango. Water, vitamin D, Omega 3, Superfruit pills, more water. 

Working with my fave coworker today, we’re slandering conspiracy theorists, disgreeing about Milo, discussing things large and small. It’s quite alright.

Sweetheart is in LA, and it’s nighttime there now. Switching over to a documentary on the dead sea scrolls while listening to some hebrew.




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