170304 -Water and wine.

Semaine 1, Jour 4.

I think I know how I work now. I get an idea to improve something. It has to hibernate in my brain for a couple of weeks, being back there, sending associations. Then I bring it to the front, work it over, think about how to implement it properly, what is probable and possible, is it too much? Is it gonna be worth it? Can I do it? what will it lead to? Checking my means, my time, my motivations. Then I implement it for a day and see how it makes me feel, and if it makes me feel good, I do it.

It’s this whole awkward process. I might be fucked up. Other people may be able to do it off the cuff and just change their life on a whim, but not me.

So far though, everything is going well. I have no complaints more than the fact that the constant snowing/thawing makes it hard for me to walk around. There is though ballet and stretching, and a gym to go to, so that is not a valid excuse. Which I have realized. When you get home and know that you could have done better, that you skipped some part that you needed, you feel kind of bad.

On Monday, I will try to go the Body/Mind/Spirit approach. To make sure each gets theirs throughout the day. I have high hopes. I also have high hopes for blogging every day. It grounds me, I feel good writing, and it also makes me accountable for what I do, which is a really good thing. To be honest, the days I haven’t written, I have missed out on something and haven’t felt like sharing it. Which is total bullshit. That is what is important to share.

Also, the trainee at work has been making me not get any peace and quiet and I mostly have been writing there, so yeah, that too. However, On Monday, S2J1, I will implement the Mind/Body/Soul thing and also write more. That is my intention.

This weekend started with wine and travel and love and I am quite happy. I hope everyone else has a good one too. ❤



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