170301 -March of the marsians

Semaine 1 – Jour 1

Since I am blessed with high intelligence, have developed my intellect properly, have a huge inclination towards spiritual issues of every shape form and size, a pretty fucking high (too high) EQ, and am a pretty wellrounded individual when it comes to most things, it is now time to embark on the physical journey. The body is supposed to be the temple for the soul after all, and mine has been severely neglected.

This being the first day, I walked 10000 steps, and then went home to groom. I meditated, took a long hot bath, massage, some chakra balancing, aroma therapy, crystal focus, and calm music. I tried on my ballet shoes, which still fit and they are new and shiny, so I will do some ballet tomorrow. I ate properly and moderately, no emotional eating. From now on all eating will be done in the kitchen, I have already started with breakfast, now the rest of the meals will also be taken in an environment where I concentrate only on food, and not while “doing other things” like gaming, chatting, whatever.

So I feel ready for the coming weeks. To start with the goal is set for the 1st of June.

This is mainly to gain energy by exercising and eating food that is actually fuel and not empty calories. To gain focus. To gain better sleep. The fact that I will lose weight and get better skin and all that is a lovely bonus, but not the main point. The main point is health, calmness of mind, endorfines, happiness and all that jazz. Also more time to reflect during long walks, more ways to get aggression out during gym sessions, more time for artistic expression during ballet. I need to get in shape.

Meanwhile, sweetheart sent me roses to wish me luck, so I have huge bouquets of long stemmed fragrance in my bedroom, kitchen and living room. I can’t wait for the weekend.

Studying Hebrew at the moment, while listening to music and eating fruit. At work. I feel slightly joyful. Mr Man was here during the nightshift and smoked my one a day cig with me before he went home. I do adore that guy.

The trainee is doing better, and is quite amusing to have around now that we got to know eachother a bit better. I am sure it will be good.

The only clouds in my sky come when I see politics. Because this country is truly shit. I get worried, I get knots in my stomach, I get alarmed, quite frankly. But as it is, I know the lay of the land, and I can’t really do anything on my own to get all the fucking zombies to wake up, so as honey says – not my issue. I can’t go around feeling miserable and afraid all the fucking time. I need to live my life.

So politics is cut down even more now. I do check a show here and there at work, mostly Motgift, Woes, Ingrid & Conrad, to keep up with the news. But I am sincerely thinking of following some advice and making my home a politics free zone, so that I sleep better etc. My home should be a spiritual place. Not for rage and fear.

We discussed Krav Maga. He thinks it’s the best one to train. On the other hand, these animals attack in packs. I would be able to hold my own against one, maybe two, but since they gangrape in greater numbers, it wouldn’t really help. I want to get a gun, but since our government want us disarmed and extinct, that is difficult.

We will start with this.

All the best.




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