170222 – Yey spring – snow – spring

Finally have time to write a little, I’m at work, but my trainee is home sick today. So, everything is going pretty good. I just realized I forgot to take my vitamins this morning, but I will remedy that tonight. I am feeling pretty perky otherwise, and I just had a smoke with my fave person in this country, my gorgeous and hyperintelligent workmate. It felt fucking awesome to be able to chat with him for a few minutes again. A few minutes is all I ever get though, go figure. Oh well, enjoy it while it is there.


The weather here is schitzophrenic as fuck. It’s been bare ground and such for a good long while, and yesterday it started to snow like mad, so there’s this horrifying slush everywhere. Real fun since I have holes in my shoes. Currently wearing a pair of in-door gym shoes in this…at least there are no holes in them. 😀 I HAVE to buy new shoes on friday or this weekend, seriously, I’ve been putting it off because I fucking hate buying shoes, but I really have to do that now. Especially since walking will be a big thing very soon.

We’ve been calculating on things here, and since I’ve been softly starting things, routines, one by one, and such, my sweetie and I have agreed on March 1st, a twelve week deal to begin with. So March-April-May, the focus will be on exercize.

What I have down now is mealtimes, I eat three times a day and it’s going well. I am doing a “morning ritual” that puts me in the right mood for the day, and lets me wake up calmly and positively. I sleep for seven hours a night. Even my hygiene (especially hairwash) is on a schedule now, cause I don’t wanna wash it to death, but I also don’t wanna have to dash out with dirty hair because I didn’t have time to wash it. I also know how much fresher and happier and prettier I feel when I take warm baths, chill fresh showers and so on, I am a water animal. So now it’s scheduled so I don’t put it off or do it too often and get dry skin and horrid hair.


It will naturally work itself out when I start exercizing more, then the focus will be not to fucking dry out cause I’ll have to take more showers. It’s all a delicate balance.

SO, yeah, pretty happy about things in my personal life. Also got this beautiful eye shadow palette from smashbox that I love.


Also been trying to ignore politics a bit. I am running podcasts through my loudspeaker in the kitchen in the mornings to get some news, but other than that I try to stay away from it. In the evenings it’s mostly spiritual things and fun stuff. Right now we’re trying to find a name and seal for our cult. (it’s all fun and games)

Also about an hour of wow here and there, when I have the time. But it’s all starting to come together. I feel like the missing piece right now is just the exercize, and I will be ready to incorporate that on the 1st of March, so I am pretty happy about that. Meanwhile honey is going on his 5th week of daily exercize and is doing fucking remarkably well, as usual. Post about Morning Ritual coming up. It’s starting to feel important to me and I am kind of wondering why I haven’t done it before. It’s a very good thing.




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