170222 – II – Morning Ritual

Right then, I pretty much have this down, so I’ll write it out.

I get up about two hours before I have to go out the door nowadays. I used to get up ten minutes before. Yeah. Grab the nearest clothes, brush teeth, run. Very calm and healthy. XD


I go into the kitchen, light some incense, turn on my speaker and a nice playlist. I make my breakfast. This week it has been
1. Yoghurt, müsli, rye bread with cheese and tomatoes
2. Sandwich with shrimp, lettuce, tomatoes, lime
3. Boiled egg, ham and cheese rye bread with lettuce.

To this I’ve been drinking water, lots of water. Weekends I make coffeee or hot chocolate. Weekdays I get my caffeine at work. I also take my vitamins.

I write at least a page in my morning journal. I read daily quotes from a book I have about overeating (since I’ve been battling that all my life) and also something called “daily quotes from your angels” – just some positive affirmations and things. I’m looking for a daily kabbalah quote book too. I write about what I’ll do during the day, things to think of, if I’ve been dreaming, hopes and fears, things I’m grateful for or angry about, whatever comes to mind.

I also have my calendar in the kitchen, where I make a food schedule for the week, what to eat for lunch and dinner, so I don’t miss to thaw out that filet of chicken or those blueberries or whatever I was going to eat. It’s not a lot of fun to come home at midnight after a shift and realize you forgot to take out that salmon you’ve been longing for all day.

I prepare my outfit the evening before, so I take that on. If I plan to take a shower before work, I get up half an hour earlier, but usually I bathe or shower before bed.

When I’ve eaten and chilled, I might put on a podcast or something while I brush teeth, wash my face and put on my makeup and jewellery. I make my bed.

Usually, when I have packed my lunch, I still have  a little while to go, so I can sit and flip through some book or something before I have to go. Or vacuum the apartment. Or do the dishes, so it will be more fun to come home at night.

This is a good start of the day, and when I get out in the real world, I feel prepared for it and awake. Quite a difference. Also, a positive mindset and a clear vision for what I want from the day. I can thoroughly recommend making a little morning ritual of your own with elements that suit you.



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