170219 – Sparkly sunday

Hey! Been a bit busy with a trainee at work the past week so haven’t had time to write. I’m continuing healthy eating habits, sleep patterns and so on, and hopefully I will start walking a bit more this week, since all the snow and ice seems to be gone from the streets now.

The trainee is smoking, so the past week has been bad on the nicotine front. Back on the patch now though, and will continue that for next week. 🙂

For valentines, my sweetheart gave me the prettiest ring in the world, so I feel like a fucking princess. I will probably post a pic of it soon, cause I keep taking pictures of it cause I’m so disgustingly happy with it. Also got a beautiful palette of eyeshadows from Smashbox, so I guess I will have to learn to do proper makeup XD (solely an eyeliner girl otherwise).

The place has been covered in roses. They are unfortunately departed now though.

Looking forward to the week! Currently making magickal seals, trying to find cool cult names (I got distracted…) and listening to interviews with Tracy Twyman. She’s amusing. And she inspires me when it comes to this book I have in my head.

Also been watching Dr Strange (omg it’s so fucking good), The Path (oh well), I tried to watch something called the leftovers, but it’s so boring I am giving up now, six episodes in. Also watched 50 shades of grey with honey (valentines) and I have to admit I don’t hate it. Which disturbs me a bit. I thought it was kind of good. Which is…I don’t kow. It’s complicated. XD

Just found a chart of the seals of solomon and honey is looking up how to covert to Judaism (which I haven’t even said I will do, but hey yey info)

Life is a bit chaotic. But not boring. And I’m inlove. And it’s good.

Working afternoons this week, and the sooner the trainee gets shit under control, the more I will write. I wish you all a blessed week. ❤




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