170209 -Morpheus haz me

Listening to the Onision drama, this Mikenactor (youtube) guy is doing a decent rundown of events. Crazy motherfucker.

Legs not looking much better, but feeling much better, so it’s going in the right direction. Although yesterday I smashed one of them into a desk in the dark while plugging in my mp3-player for charge, and daaaaamn…those who have had a very swollen body part and gotten a really fucking hard rough smack on it know what I mean. I think I might have a pretty bad bruise there. I will check tonight. This morning I had no time to check, cause guess what, I overslept XD

My own fault for not hitting snooze. I have managed to find a solution to my “sleeping away my life” problem, and it works, so far. I go to bed, I set my alarm on exactly 7 hours, and then when I wake up I snooze one or two times (5 mins a pop) and then I am ready to get up. And it’s going very well! This morning though I had some kind of hubris and thought BUT IM NOT GONNA FALL ASLEEP AGAIN IM JUST GONNA CLOSE MY EYES A BIT, and bam four hours later and twenty minutes til the bus leaves….yeah, yikes. XD

Anywayz, feeling good. Been looking for a good intro/lesson style/course in kabbalah on youtube since I sit here anyway, might as well watch something inspiring but can’t find anything good as of yet. A bit ticked off by that. It’s all either completely wishy-washy lovey-dovey or just shillish brainwashing. I want the core. I want the real. I will keep looking.

Also – Konstantin Razumov. Omg! I don’t know if this is considered trashy art or anything but his art is so beautiful, so full of color, so mood capturing, I just love it. It’s lovely and it makes me so happy. 😀

Will play some wow when I get home. If I get home. The trainstation has been evacuated due to a bombscare. Funny, Sweden has become so safe all of a sudden, it’s so weird. Fucking lying asshole politicians selling out their own fucking people to rape, murder and fear. Anyway. Let’s not focus on that. I will focus on positive things. Like Love. And Fun. And…waffles.



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