170208 – Part deux

Yeyyy, somehow I’m just full of energy today 😀 Legs still fucked, but they feel a bit better. I am sooooo looking forward to Valentines it’s stupid.
I’ve eaten lunch and breakfast every fucking day this week. I think it’s the longest unbroken food schedule ever.  I’ve never done that. Or rather, not since I moved away from Mom, and that was a loooong time ago. So it’s going well. I am doing good. I found these little square boxes, frozen, with chinese and thai food in them that work great for lunch for me. Cause – I love asian, so I eat them, and – easy and no prep.

When I get this routine in place completely I will probably make my own lunch.


And transcribed lyrics I promised to do like six months ago. My bestie doesn’t know french, and I’m trying to brush up on mine, so I decided to translate some lyrics.

Found even more books I want, there are too many interesting books out there.

The Golden Dawn, Beyond Kabbalah, The secret alchemy of Mary Magdalene, Daily Kabbalah, The book of the sacred magick of Abramelin the Mage, The Kabbalah and magic of Angels, the Food of Israel, From Brasserie to country cooking (french cuisine), Greek home cooking.

See a theme? Yeah, my mind is mostly occupied with magick, kabbalah, food and love these days. I think that’s a good thing, cause I feel pretty alright.

At the same time, supporting a policeman who has had the courage to speak out about the truth here in sweden and is being hunted by the lying establishment. And looking up the aftermath of the sick and violent leftie mobs at Berkley.

We live in interesting times. ❤




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