170206 -What am I even

As I could have predicted, quitting smoking, starting exercising, eating better, trying to get some kind of good health and routines into my life knocked me out completely. I’ve been pretty sick and dizzy, so that’s why I haven’t written. I’ve been trying to get away from the politics, the negativity, but oh my god, it’s everywhere man! However, it’s going better and better since I’m finding little tricks along the way…I turn on french radio in the mornings, even when I’m in Sweden, I watch movies instead of pods when I play games at home after work, etc. I have constrained the politics to workhours. I won’t have that dragged home with me.

It’s better. My legs have been a bit fucked up from all the changes with diets and stuff, but they are calming down. It’s been horribly cold here, it’s snowing at the moment, so gym will be hit tomorrow if it’s still like this. At least I made breakfast for the week yesterday evening, waffles. Waffles for a week. Yum.

I missed my dentist appointment today (the irony). Oh well. I’ll go there in two weeks instead. Anyway, coming back from the dizziness and sickness and abstinence symptoms that have been wreaking havoc with both mind and body, so I am emerging stronger.

Just…let’s go. Into the light.



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