170120 – Finally rest, finally love

Nightshift week officially over, joining my honey now for some rest and recreation. I slept away the first part of this day, naturally, since, hello, nighshift, but then we’ve had it good with nice food, wine, loving and chill.

Got a little wrapped up in some youtube drama with some moron called Onision (who seems completely retarded) that shames teenage girls and has some serious psychopathic tendencies. Horrific. I hope the girls will be ok. I tend to follow intelligent people on youtube so I hadn’t even heard of this complete facepalm, but now I find it to be a fucking miracle that he’s still out and about and not in a psychward or in prison. Anywho.

Honey responded to my aggrievation by saying “karma will bite him in the ass, let it go” which is right. Not my cause really. Still feel bad for those girls. And all the brainwashed preteen minions he seems to have…

Been to a show, been partying a little, had some wine and some very strong espresso that they made especially for me cause I forgot to have coffee at the hotel and I need it so I won’t have a headache lol. Now there will be some dancing and sparkly wine I think…have it good all. ❤



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