170119 -New schemes and opinions

Okey then, the coming weekend will be free of negative influences. No politics on days off is one of the suggestions I will implement. We have this peach sparkling wine we will down one of the weekend days, but apart from that it will be tea and water. And coffee so I don’t get a fucking headache.

The black ice is almost gone due to milder weather, so if that stays good, we will take walks all three days. Long lovely walks. We’ll cook our own food from scratch. We’ll live and love. I will write at least ten pages a day to get this kicked off.

This is a pattern – if it works – that I will always keep on days off. No negativity. If I play world of warcraft, I will have the sound on the game so I get more immersed and don’t have any inclination to put on a fucking podcast about how soon I will be annihilated from this earth.

Podcasts allowed (if I wanna listen to something when I write) is ones about spirituality, magicks, travel, things like that. Inspiring stuff. Not go hang yourself stuff.

Tomorrow morning I will go buy nicotine patches for the next seven days, and some bread, milk, maybe gratin dauphinois (cause yessss) and vegetables. It will feel good. I can not wait til I get paid, cause I want shrimp. I really really want shrimp. Shrimp with aioli, cheese pie, salad, rustic fucking bread, and a glass of wine. So fucking yum.

We might watch a movie if we find one (and time to watch one). I will do a bit of ballet. At least a stretching regimen cause I feel graceful as a fucking box at the moment.

Also thinking of pickling some garlic, since my japanese garlic from the Yasuragi spa is almost out. Had it in a minced meat thing yesterday and it was to die for.

This seems pretty similar:

Garlic in Soy Sauce – Ninniku Shoyu-zuke

This recipe works well to rid the garlic of the strong odor.  This recipe comes from Korea, but incorporates well into many dishes. Fresh garlic is the best.  Use a local source if possible(Support your local farmer).   Select well-proportioned bulbs as they are served in halves.  Takes about two months before ready for use or when the odor diminishes.

What is Needed:
– 10 whole garlic bulbs
– 2 cups rice vinegar
– 1 ¼ c shoyu or favorite soy sauce
– 2 tbsp sugar or mirin to taste

1. Choose round uniform bulbs that will form pretty plum blossoms when cut horizontally in half.
2. Peel the outer skin leaving only a single layer of skin to hold the garlic bulbs together. Trim away the stem for better packing.
3. Prepare a small packing jar by boiling in water to sterilize also called a water bath.
4. Pack the jar or container with the garlic bulbs. Add the rice vinegar and allow to stand, covered, in a dark space for two weeks.
5. After the two-week period, pour off 2/3rds of the vinegar (keep for other uses such as salad dressing).
6. Mix the soy sauce and sugar until sugar dissolves. Warming the soy sauce will help combine the sugar.
7. Pour the mixture into the garlic/vinegar mixture and cover with lid.  Date and label jar to know when the ferment is ready.
8. Just before serving, cut horizontally in half. Enjoy!




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