170118 -Bored but not dazed.

I guess it’s time to start dreaming about the weekend again huh? At work, nightshift, bored out of my mind, listening to too many political podcasts that are getting me down.

I need to stop this, seriously. I need to find more uplifting things to listen to, even if yes, it is fucking important to know how you are lied to, why they are lying to you, how bad it really is etc, but hell it doesn’t exactly make you happy.

I need more spirituality, more music, more art. I need to confine this stuff to…one hour a day or something. It would actually be good. Will implement that with all the other changes that I creep into my schedule slowly but surely. Still haven’t started excersizing, but I keep the food diary, sleep diary, keep the diary, write, and eat sensibly anyway, so adjusting to this new good life. Gym will follow. Might not be optimal during a nightshift week.

Anyway I keep writing here, which is a good thing. Hopefully my posts here will develop too as I manage to downsize negativity and become more creative and happy.


btw, it’s fucking dangerous to be bored at a nightshift…



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