170117 – Fog is lifting, slowly…

Weird mood at work when I came by. Strange. Although I really don’t care at the moment, I am alone here now and I have more important things to worry about.

I made my food goals today, and my sleep goals. I did not go to the gym, but on the other hand I have been feeling like a normal fucking human being for the first time since christmas. I feel good. I’ve had time over to write. I’ve had time over to have a cup of coffee and write in my calendar. I’m not deadly tired. I’m inspired still and want to do things. Everything feels really good and bright. 🙂

I long til the night is over and I can go home and continue with my “new, fresh, healthy” life. Cause even though I didn’t do gym, this day was the healthiest this year. And today will be even better. 😀 I filled out everything on fitbit, I didn’t reach the stepgoal or the drinking water goal, and I slept 20 mins too little, but I filled it in. And it’s there. And it’s the first step in a good routine. So. Just keep going.

I didn’t make myself pretty tonight, was planning on doing that, but it didn’t seem important cause…reasons. However, flawed thinking. It’s good for me to doll up FOR MYSELF. When I feel prettier, I feel better, that’s just a fact. So it doesn’t matter if I don’t have anyone else to be pretty for, I can do it just to feel good about myself.

Bored again, four hours to go. Can’t wait 😀



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