170116 – Nightshift

Ooookey, getting tired. Three hours to go. I’ll be home in about three and a half.
I’ll make tea. Take my vitamins. I’ll unwind with wow for an hour or so. Then bed. Sleep for seven hours. Up. Breakfast…like…coffee, rye bread with cheese and tomatoes.
Get dressed, walk to the apothecary, buy nicotine patches. And stamps if I can afford them.
Walk home. Write. Draw. Play music. Chill.

Dinner…like…five meatballs (these are small and swedish, not the gargantuan italian kind), mash, and lots of salad. With water. Yeah. Should be good. I think I have some of moms venison meatballs left in the freezer since christmas, and those are very lean.

Hmm. Too tired now. Wanna go home.



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