170111 – Vacay!

Have taken two days off, so I came home from work and I’ve slept for about three hours. I woke up to this abomination streaming from my computer, music so horrible it actually woke me up. I ran up and stared at the screen, two little ten year old boys singing lyrics like “oh girl, remember the times we had, I want to go back to those days…” etc. I swear Enrique Iglesias could have sung the lyrics these little kids sang. And it was horrible. And so bad, the music was bad, their image, everything, the production.

SO, after that rude awakening to the horrors of children in 2017, I have been eating and I’m now playing a bit of wow, doing the A’lar and Invincible rounds on my second account. I’ve been taking my vitamins, tomorrow will be spent with sweetheart, and we’ll take a walk and do other things that are according to plan. He’s going for the Iron Man challenge this year so that will motivate me to move aswell. Motivation is good. I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning aswell, stepping onto scales for the first time in over six months, just to have a baseline.  Looking forward to getting back to normal. The tree and all the decorations are coming down, and it’s time to bite down and take life by the throat again.

I’ll write a bit tomorrow too if I have time.



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