170109 – We’re rolling

Hello Monday, please go away! Oh, just another hour to go, that’s alright then.

However, I feel good for once. It’s thawing outside, which means hopefully I’ll be able to walk soon without risking breaking any fucking bones, work was alright today, and life feels much more upbeat. Been sleeping a bit, and I’m turning the daily rhythm around, switching to nightmode. I’ve taken thursday and friday off to spend time with my sweetheart, and next week I’ll be working nights.

I found an old friend in Warcraft, one that I have missed for about four years. He added me on both accounts, and it feels good to have him back in my life. He’s charming, bitter, very lone wolf, and kinda gruff, but very pleasant to be around. Hoping he will open up a bit, he said he had been depressed. Looking forward to developing a lovely gaming friendship with him. Trying to get him into the guild I’m in at the moment, I think some socializing would be good for him. (said the introvert…)

I enjoy it though. I don’t have to interact, but it helps just having one character where you know there will be other people around, talking in the chatwindow, doing raids, cheering, saying hello, etc. If you wanna go solitaire hermit, you just switch to another character, but it helps, having them there, if you wanna feel a bit more “part of”.

Will fill out my diary now, fitbit stats etc, which will this week just be kind of a baseline. I won’t reach ten k steps a day this week, and I’m not going for it. I’ll just register what I have, and then set stepgoals and reach them when it’s not a dangerous fucking struggle to walk around. Next week, the plan is to go to gym after work (I get off in the morning at six a.m), and if I can do that, which I will, then I’m on the right fucking path.

Looking forward to this spring all of a sudden. I’ll blame my sunshine. Speaking of which, time to take my vitamins. 🙂



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