170108 -Ready set go!

Laundry done, diary laid out on the kitchen table
Every room incensed properly. Notebook and writing tools on the living room table.
All characters sorted in WoW. Been watching the extras from that movie today, started to cry. So obviously I cry to Frozen and Warcraft extras and nothing else. I am a very peculiar human being.
Breakfast fixed. Nicotine patch waiting for tomorrow. Bath taken, hair washed, everything is in order. There’s snow EVERYWHERE here so I prepare for that tomorrow.
Mobile is charged, fitbit is charged, mp3 is charged, toothbrush and loudspeakers are charged.

Temporary schedule – this week, not that much excercise, try to focus on eating three times a day and doing that healthy and well. Next week, add exercise.
Monday – writing
Tuesday – writing, painting
Wednesday – magicks
Thursday – politics
Friday – writing
Saturday – creating whatever
Sunday – spirituality
This will be mixed with gaming, podcast listning, movie watching, all that inspires, but I will try to keep this the theme, so that I actually get something done. My energy will go up when I’ve been exercizing for a few weeks (will mostly be walking, gym, swimming and ballet), which will make it less of a chore. I also get really restless when I quit smoking, so it should work. Right now the main focus is on not sleeping the days away since I’ve been sleeping for like ten hours a night for a while. Cut that back to seven.

Right, gotta slip into bed since I have to work early tomorrow.



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