170106 – Happy New Year!

Yeah, I postponed my a few days actually, I will be celebrating this weekend. I will also celebrate those three wise men that gave gifts and Epiphany and other lovely things.
On Monday I overslept. On Tuesday I overslept. On Wednesday there was suddenly a meter of snow on the ground and the public transporation system collapsed, so I was very late for work. Yesterday I didn’t oversleep, but I slept for about 13 hours and had no spare time at all. After the full on week around christmas with mom with all the strange changes in schedule and food and sleep that entailed, and the so called New Year celebration last weekend, fuck that and let’s start over.

I have slept for ten hours tonight.
I have washed my face with Rosemary and Bergamott, and taken a lovely bath.
I have made sweet love to my honey, several times.
I am starting to feel like a normal human being again.
This – is a dignified start. I have three days off, and I will spend them well. See you soon.



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