170103 – Ok, getting a grip now

Right almost caught up on sleep now, so I’m starting to feel normal again. Still need to regenerate energy though, still don’t feel completely like myself. I decided the new year starts this coming weekend, when I will be alone with my love for three days and able to finish/start projects, plan, take it easy and do things my own way. Mostly been sleeping today aswell, not even had time to do the darkmoon faire in wow, and it kills me to waste all this time but I guess it’s necessary! At least my body seems to think so. Can’t wait to get back completely on track. Thursday afternoon, please come soon…

Miss my honey loads, miss writing, miss pretty much everything about my life, but I can’t get myself to focus or do anything. This is what happens to an INFJ when they are “forced” to socialize during prolonged periods of time. Christmas with mom (again, I love her more than life!!) was taxing, and new years was too, and then very early work shifts which goes against any kind of biological or logical internal clock I have. Not a good thing. I will however stop complaining about this on thursday, so just bite down and get through it already…I’ll cling to my necklace and sweet interaction with my sweetheart on my smartphone, to my beliefs and hopes and dreams and try to be on time for work tomorrow…

Working with insufferable boring sjw’s at the moment who aren’t even talking anymore, so any fun interaction at work is also out the window. They are googling hardware (like vacuum pumps and machines for building houses) or trying to catch up on four weeks of work (boring fucks) and have no interest in socializing at all. One of them actually talked wow for about half an hour today which was nice, but aside from that it’s all I can do to keep awake there.

Anywho, good things on the horizon. Will read up on my horoscope now and chill til I get tired enough to go to bed.



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