170102 -Still tired!

Another really weird day. Went to work this morning, the streets so icy and horrible after the whole holiday season which has been more like spring. NOW hell freezes over! Was at work for nine hours, felt weird and still a bit hung over after New Years, which is not only annoying but very uncharacteristic of me, I never get hung over for even one day. I played wow for about an hour when I got home, then stooped into a couch here with Millennial Woes Millenniyule hangouts playing in the background. I slept like a pig for four hours.

Just woke up. I guess this week will mostly be recovery for some reason. I’m off from work from Friday onwards, three days, I plan to “start my new life” then…should be good…til then I’ll just excuse myself and focus on working and sleeping to be honest, I obviously need it. And omg, I really really do hope that 2017 will be as good as 2016. Will play wow now, take a shower, make some dinner and then go to bed for real. In about three hours I guess. I’ll get a couple of hours with honey hopefully. Just so out of it, I just feel out of balance,  and I can’t muster enough focus to do any magick work either. This weekend will be dedicated to mind, body, health, spirit and magick. I truly need it.

My best friend will be out of town then too, which is very good.



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